New Boat Titles Continue to Increase YTD

2021 is off to a great start with Florida continuing to see YOY increases in new titles being issued with January up 10.6% and February up 23.7%, for an overall 17.1% increase YTD.

This data is generated from our database of over 120 million unique records, with over 21 million unique Boats. If your business is looking for more specific market data, please reach out to discuss your unique needs. #BoatsCantTalk #DataAlwaysDoes #BoatingIndustry #QuarenSEA #BoatHistoryReport

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Deliberate or Innocent – You be the judge!

In the normal course of business, we come across all sorts of different types of things including fraud, scams, deliberate deceitfulness, and sometimes it’s just honest ignorance with no intentional wrongdoing. In today’s finding, we’ll present the facts and let you be the judge.

The listing:…/mikelson-61-sportfisher…/

The Facts:

– Prior to 2004, this boat was issued a Delaware state assigned HIN

– In October 2004, the boat was purchased, and then titled and registered in Florida using the Delaware HIN

– In late 2018, the boat was damaged during a hurricane

– In March of 2019, the boat was offered for sale (using the Delaware HIN) as a hurricane damaged boat with structural damage to the bottom

– In April 2019, the boat was purchased by the current owner

– In October 2019, the boat was registered using the Delaware HIN.

– In September 2020, the HIN was changed in the Florida registration and title records

– Shortly after the registration records were changed, the boat was and still is offered for sale without any disclosure of it’s hurricane damaged past

Typically, updating the HIN in the registration records would make it difficult to trace it’s past. However, we have developed a unique system in which we can match up key points of data, thereby permanently linking the HIN associated with the damage to the HIN the boat is currently registered with.

Deliberate or Innocent- tell us what you think! #BoatsCantTalk #BoatHistoryReport #YouBeTheJudge

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Buyer Beware – Official looking documentation paperwork charging 3x’s the renewal rate

BoatUS and the US Coast Guard want boaters to know that renewing your USCG documentation directly with the National Vessel Documentation Center (NVDC) only costs $26. If you receive a notice in the mail asking for more than that, it’s not your official renewal notice but rather a notice from a third party vendor. The USCG has taken steps to ensure this kind of soliciting stops by removing owners names and addresses from their database, but it could take years before this kind of thing fully comes to an end.

Read the full story here:

 #BoatsCantTalk #BoatHistoryReport #USCG #CoastGuard #CoastGuardDocumentation #BoatUS #ProtectBoaters #boating #yachting #ScammersonlyscamondaysthatendinY

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What the pandemic taught us about handling stress and how boating, yes boating, curbs the impact

See the original om

Did you know that in 1911, a surgeon named Richard Clement Lucas predicted that by 2020, human feet would be comprised of one big toe only? Or that in 1900, John Elfreth Watkins, Jr., the curator of mechanical technology at the Smithsonian Institution, predicted that the letters C, X, and Q would be abandoned because they were “unnecessary”? These are just a few of the numerous predictions that have been made throughout the years; however, what none of these alleged soothsayers did predict were mask mandates, stay-at-home orders, and a crippling pandemic that would bring the world to its knees  However, amid the stress and burnout that has persisted to impact our mental health and emotional well-being, humans are, by nature, creatives. This pandemic forced us to reimagine the definition of fun and how we spend our free time. Boating was an answer.

According to research reported in Boating Industry Magazine, your brain on a boat is happier and the activity itself is one of the best ways to access the wellness benefits that water provides. One of the most popular sounds of ambient noise is the sound of waves gently crashing on a shore due to its ability to put you in a relaxed state. “Simply the mere sight and sound of water promotes wellness” said Wallace J. Nichols, author of the bestseller “Blue Mind”. As the research highlights, it triggers a biological response that lowers cortisol, your body’s stress hormone, and increases serotonin, the “happy chemical” that aids in relaxation. 

So, it should be no surprise that the boating industry, according to the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), experienced record growth for new boat sales in 2020- a year that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) point out that our mental health has been “languishing” due to Covid-19. This growth is also shown in data collected and analyzed by our own organization, Boat History Report, which provides a service that is similar to Carfax but for the boating industry. According to our state title and registration data, after a brief initial decline of new boat titles being issued, we have continued to see an enormous increase in year-over-year new boat registrations and titles being issued.   Americans are looking for an escape from the stress of the pandemic – they want to unplug, disconnect, and momentarily forget – things that are hard to do when tethered to land.

Take Me Fishing and Discover Boating’s pandemic public service campaign called Get On Board, shows that the evidence is abundantly clear that boating leads to a “relaxing and unwinding” experience. In a study done in 2005, NMMA found that 90% of Americans live less than an hour from a navigable body of water, and that the most popular boating-related activity is simply relaxing with family and friends. What’s more, boating offers families the chance to have some outdoor fun while still abiding by the social distancing recommendations issued by the CDC. Plus, it opens up a host of other socially distanced stress-relieving activities like snorkeling or scuba diving, fishing, scalloping, and exploring places only accessible by boat. It’s no wonder that boating and on-water activities have sky rocketed in popularity during these trying times. 

It is still undoubtedly a very difficult time for all of us and the abundance of stress and uncertainty is testing our perseverance. Yet there are some things we can control, like the opportunity to build resilience as a society as well as individually, and by learning new ways to care for ourselves. Just because the year hasn’t quite operated on an even keel, there are always new ways to curb the impacts of negative, unforeseen circumstances.

Bottom line, this year has caused us to navigate adversity and sail into new opportunity; it’s brought us together even when we’re apart; it’s reshaped summer vacations and family memories; and through it all, boats of every shape and size have allowed millions of Americans to get onboard – both figuratively and literally, with their health, social distancing, and stress management. 

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NASBLA Award for Caroline

Copied from the official NASBLA Press Release found here:

Mantel presented with NASBLA Award

Caroline Mantel, from and Vice Chair of NASBLA’s VesselCaroline Mantel - NASBLA Award Identification, Registration & Titling (VIRT) Committee, was awarded the prestigious NASBLA Award during the 2020 NASBLA State RBS Workshop in Lexington, Kentucky.

The NASBLA Award is given in appreciation to an individual who has either given a lot of time and effort to the association to help achieve its objectives or who is acknowledged nationally, statewide or in their community for notable contributions to the betterment of boating.

Mantel has dedicated countless hours to the VIRT Committee and its various charges. In addition, she continues to work to advance boating safety by advocating for thorough and precise vessel identification throughout a vessel’s chain of ownership from the hull numbering to registration to titling.

Mantel’s tireless efforts to ensure boaters can make better used-watercraft purchases for protection against stolen boats, and most importantly prevent boaters from purchasing a boat with hidden damage, which certainly has a negative impact on their boating safety does not go unnoticed. Mantel is to be commended for her efforts for the betterment of boating safety. Congratulations Caroline!

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COVID-19 Dealer and Broker Assistance Program

We’re here to help by offering free access to our service for 3 months.

The recent outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has significantly impacted the boating industry, especially dealers and brokers. We at Boat History Report recognize this and want to do our part to help our colleagues in the industry.

We realize that social distancing measures have kept traffic to dealer locations down, and some locations have closed altogether. However, we also know that buyers are still shopping for boats online and viewing boats through virtual walk-throughs.

Therefore, we are providing our Dealer and Broker service free for 3 months under our COVID-19 Dealer and Broker Assistance Program.  Also, if you are a current subscribing dealer or broker, your billing has been paused as of April 1st. 

I started this business 15 years ago, with a mission to make boat buying more transparent.  Since then, we have amassed over 100 million unique records which allow us to provide the end-user with a credible report that is highly desirable in today’s information-driven economy.  Our business operates similarly to Carfax, and allows consumers to verify the history of the vessel seamlessly during the online shopping process.

Our hope is that by including a Boat History Report with your listings, your customers will feel more confident in the virtual shopping process during a time when they can no longer physically visit your location.

You can sign up for our COVID-19 Dealer and Broker Assistance Program online through this link:  If you would prefer to speak with me directly, please feel free to call me at 1-800-441-7599, ext. 144, or send an email to

As a boater and business owner, I am proud to be a part of an industry that comes together in a time of need.  I hope that this small gesture can help to relieve the financial burden we are all facing during these unprecedented times.  To see a message from our Founder and CEO, Grant Brooks, please see our page on YouTube here: Boat History Report


Grant W. Brooks
Founder / CEO


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Carfax for Boats Law

We were featured in another article on the passing of the Carfax for Boats Law due to our participation on helping get it passed.  We’ve been called the Carfax for boats for years because #BoatsCantTalk #Carfaxforboats #BoatsCantTalk

Carfax for boats law lowers chance of buying damaged vessel By Palak Patel /

Thinking about buying a used boat? A new law signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis on June 7 helps ensure that you won’t be left high and dry.

Known as ‘Carfax for boats,’ the law enables boat buyers and sellers to have access to the history of boats and include any accidents or damages done to the vessel, similar to that of a vehicle’s history.

Florida is the fifth state to implement this law.

Established in 2011 by the Uniform Law Commission, the law was first passed by Virginia, with Connecticut, District of Columbia and Hawaii following soon after, according to Caroline Mantel, director of business development at Mantel, who served as vice chair for the Vessel Identification, Registration & Titling Committee under the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators, was personally involved in helping the law move forward.

Officially named the Uniform Certificate of Title for Vessels Act, the new law requires boaters to fully disclose any hull damage or theft directly on the title of the vessel, which goes into effect on July 1, 2023.

Reporting of a vessel’s history will mostly rely on self-reporting since boat insurance is not required in the state of Florida; failure to do so will result in the responsible party getting heavily fined, with the first offense starting at $5,000.

“Of the 923,000 registered boats in Florida, one in 30 boats has some sort of negative history associated with it, and in Duval County, it’s one in 28,” said Mantel.

The problem, however, is not with buying a pre-owned boat.

The problem is currently there are nine nontitling states — a boat with a branded title from Florida can be registered in Tennessee (one of the nontitling states) and will show up as having a “clean” title in the registration.

Until all 50 states start requiring vessels to be registered and titled properly, the law won’t be as effective as it should be.

Furthermore, all boats damaged prior to 2023 will not require such branding, which could potentially enable damaged boats to circulate in the boating industry without consumer knowledge.

“This law will be great in 10 years from now when all the boats have been titled correctly,” Mantel said.

However, this law will still significantly impact the boating industry and help provide greater transparency for safer boating.

“The goal is to make boating safer; this includes boat buying and selling, being out on the water, laws that protect boaters, etc. Anything that makes boating safer helps the boating industry and other businesses associated with it,” said Mantel.

President of the Jacksonville Marine Association, Rusty Gardner, agrees with Mantel.

“The ability to protect their [potential boat owners’] rights and assure the boat dealers that a boat is in good condition is great,” said Gardner.

On the other hand, he added, boat salvagers are at a disadvantage because their business is based on fixing boats and selling them off as “good condition” vessels.

When asked about the impact this law will have on the boating industry, Gardner doesn’t think it will negatively influence the industry at all.

“It’s going to positively impact the consumers, which is who we want to make happy,” Gardner said, “because at the end of the day, they are the ones that are going to go boating and enjoy their time on the water.”

For more information, visit

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‘Carfax for boats’ law will alert buyers to vessels’ shady pasts

“Even if that happens, will remain the primary research source for prospective buyers who might not have an opportunity to see a title until sales negotiations are well underway, she said.”

Boat History Report is proud to have played a critical role in helping to bring the Uniform Certificate of Title for Vessels Act to Florida. This new law will help to create greater transparency and safer boating which supports our mission and purpose. Thank you to Ron Hurtibise at the Sun Sentinel for creating great awareness around this pivotal step towards making boating safer. BoatsCantTalk  BetterGetTheHistory BoatHistoryReport


Read the full article to learn more about how this new law will affect the marine industry:  New boating laws in South Florida


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Not sure what the difference between a recall and advisory is?

You’re not alone.  A big thanks to BoatUS for helping to explain the difference and why they are important!

Some highlights:

A “safety recall” involves a safety problem that relates to a boat or associated equipment that is less than 10 years old. The recall must pertain to a violation of federal safety regulations or “a defect that creates a substantial risk of personal injury to the public.”

A “Product Correction Bulletin” and “Service Advisory” generally involve the same thing: an issue that doesn’t pose an imminent threat to life and limb but can be dangerous.  Repairs are generally at no cost to the boat owner.

To read more, and learn about other types of notices, see the complete article by BoatUS here:  BoatUS: Recalls, Bulletins and Advisories Explained


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Judging a Boat by Its Gelcoat

batPicture yourself enjoying a Saturday on the water when suddenly your boat bursts into flames or starts taking on water. Sound terrible? Without knowing the history of a boat before you buy, this nightmare could become a reality quicker than you think. Boats are frequently involved in accidents that cause lasting consequences for owners down the line. The mission of Boat History Report is to find, document, and disclose as much information as possible about every individual boat in and out of the water today. In doing so, they empower consumers to make educated purchases and protect themselves from costly mistakes.

Many consumers will look at a boat that appears to be shipshape and dismiss any possibility of it having been involved in a collision, stolen, run aground, damaged in a hurricane, sunk, swamped, or any other serious incident. In reality, however, there are many instances where vessels have sustained multiple collisions and are being sold to unsuspecting buyers without disclosure.  This jet ski for instance, has been involved in SIX individual accidents! JetSki Report

fiber fiber2

In the photos above, the boat’s fiberglass and gelcoat are repaired so well that one would never suspect it having been in an accident. What you can’t see though, are the repairs done to the electrical wiring strewn across the opening. If the wiring was repaired using subpar connections, corrosion can occur causing sporadic electrical failures and a fire hazard at sea. There is also a likelihood of water intrusion, which could cause mold, rotting of wooden stringers or bulkheads, and a host of other expensive repairs. Knowing if a vessel has been involved in an incident such as this can prevent hidden consequences that are often catastrophic.

Boat History Report has aligned themselves with many big players in the marine industry including an exclusive strategic partnership with the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the world’s leading provider of insurance fraud intel. They also collect records from DMV/DNR and maritime law enforcement from all 50 states, the US Coast Guard, insurance companies, and hundreds of other public and private sources. These relationships, coupled with partnerships with over 200 independent NAMS and SAMS Certified Marine Surveyors has led to reports that are accurate and reliable.

As part of a continued effort to provide a first class customer experience, Boat History Report is very excited to announce the arrival of their new website! This advanced customer interface is mobile friendly, faster, easier to use, and features more detailed reports. With the addition of new features for dealers and brokers, they now have the ability to easily run their entire inventory and provide reports within their listings to the information driven boat shoppers. As the leading provider of watercraft history reports, Boat History Report helps boat buyers make better used watercraft purchase decisions by putting all available information at their fingertips.

Jake Attaway

Staff Reporter

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