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Boat History Report began with a mission to be the leading provider of watercraft history information for buyers and sellers of used boats. With all of the risks involved in buying a used watercraft, Boat History Report aims to make the used watercraft transaction process as safe and hassle free as possible. By accessing our extensive nationwide databases through reports from, buyers and sellers of used boats can be assured that their boat has a clean history.

Current Scam for Online Boat Sales

Over the past 16 years of doing business, Boat History Report has helped thousands of customers avoid being scammed, but we have never seen a scam quite this elaborate.  More than likely, by the time you’re reading this article, the … Continue reading

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New Boat Titles Continue to Increase YTD

2021 is off to a great start with Florida continuing to see YOY increases in new titles being issued with January up 10.6% and February up 23.7%, for an overall 17.1% increase YTD. This data is generated from our database … Continue reading

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Deliberate or Innocent – You be the judge!

In the normal course of business, we come across all sorts of different types of things including fraud, scams, deliberate deceitfulness, and sometimes it’s just honest ignorance with no intentional wrongdoing. In today’s finding, we’ll present the facts and let … Continue reading

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Buyer Beware – Official looking documentation paperwork charging 3x’s the renewal rate

BoatUS and the US Coast Guard want boaters to know that renewing your USCG documentation directly with the National Vessel Documentation Center (NVDC) only costs $26. If you receive a notice in the mail asking for more than that, it’s … Continue reading

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What the pandemic taught us about handling stress and how boating, yes boating, curbs the impact

See the original om Did you know that in 1911, a surgeon named Richard Clement Lucas predicted that by 2020, human feet would be comprised of one big toe only? Or that in 1900, John Elfreth Watkins, Jr., … Continue reading

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NASBLA Award for Caroline

Copied from the official NASBLA Press Release found here: Mantel presented with NASBLA Award Caroline Mantel, from and Vice Chair of NASBLA’s Vessel Identification, Registration & Titling (VIRT) Committee, was awarded the prestigious NASBLA Award during the 2020 … Continue reading

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COVID-19 Dealer and Broker Assistance Program

We’re here to help by offering free access to our service for 3 months. The recent outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has significantly impacted the boating industry, especially dealers and brokers. We at Boat History Report recognize this and want … Continue reading

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Carfax for Boats Law

We were featured in another article on the passing of the Carfax for Boats Law due to our participation on helping get it passed.  We’ve been called the Carfax for boats for years because #BoatsCantTalk #Carfaxforboats #BoatsCantTalk Carfax for … Continue reading

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‘Carfax for boats’ law will alert buyers to vessels’ shady pasts

“Even if that happens, will remain the primary research source for prospective buyers who might not have an opportunity to see a title until sales negotiations are well underway, she said.” Boat History Report is proud to have played … Continue reading

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Not sure what the difference between a recall and advisory is?

You’re not alone.  A big thanks to BoatUS for helping to explain the difference and why they are important! Some highlights: A “safety recall” involves a safety problem that relates to a boat or associated equipment that is less than … Continue reading

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