Are You Smarter than a Hurricane?

With the height of hurricane season upon us, it's imperative that you know what to do to quickly and safely secure your boat. When Jim Cantore starts broadcasting from your city, you don't have time to research "how to..." articles. Your first priority should always be the safety of your family and self. Once you … Continue reading Are You Smarter than a Hurricane?

Weather Won’t Stop The Dreamer!

Although threatened by Hurricane Sandy, this years Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show was a HUGE success.   How do you know?  By the billions of dollars’ worth of yachts and accessories that arrived and the happy faces of the brokers making the sales.  By the lines of people waiting to board buses to be taken to … Continue reading Weather Won’t Stop The Dreamer!

Are You Hurricane Proof?

Were you PREPARED? When a tragedy like Hurricane Sandy occurs, everyone left in its path is left wondering, “What could I have done to better prepare?” It’s hard to imagine that anything could prepare you for the destruction you’re left looking at, but there are a few things you can do to help. Your first … Continue reading Are You Hurricane Proof?

Don’t Let Your Boat Catch a Cold!

Ahh Shucks, It’s Winter! Yes that means a whole new set of outdoor activities (or indoor eggnog drinking) but it also means the end of boating season (and half of your friends) for a few months.  No worries though, because with proper storage techniques, you’ll be back on the boat the first day your tube … Continue reading Don’t Let Your Boat Catch a Cold!