10 Best Places to Live And Boat

Somewhere the grass is always greener and the water always bluer. The question: Don’t such thoughts have more to do with fantasy than reality? Maybe not. We investigated boating communities throughout the country, looking for the variety of boating opportunities, boat-friendly regulations, water access, availability of waterfront homes, health of the local economy and overall lifestyle for boaters. The following 10 locations are where boaters might find that imagination meets reality.

Here is the list of the ten best places to live and boat per boatingmag.com

Seattle, Washington
Benton County, Arkansas
Tampa Bay, Florida
Knoxville, Tennessee
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Otter Tail County, Minnesota
Finger Lakes, New York
Austin, Texas
Oconee County, South Carolina
San Diego, California

Click here to see the full article and reasons why each city makes it boathistoryreport.com/news8

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