Boat Wrecks can be scary and dangerous and all too often they are a result of user error. Whether the boat captain is unprepared or just not alert sometimes the variables of the water can get the best of him. Don’t be a victim yourself, educate yourself with proper boat safety. Do not let someone get behind the controls of your watercraft when they are not properly trained. Not only could your boat be in danger but so could your safety. Hopefully if something bad does happen only your boat will be harmed. Then what happens to your boat?…… You might ask. Well the easiest answer is it will probably be salvaged and then you might get some money from your insurance company depending on your negligence.

Maybe that doesn’t sound too bad to you. But lets talk about what happens to your boat next. The boat will probably be bought by a salvage auction company and then auctioned off. The buyer of the salvaged boat will then fix it up and resell it, probably not disclosing the fact that it was a salvage. Which depending on the mechanic the boat could be in good working order or shortcuts may have been made. Then you say to yourself well how does that effect me its not my boat anymore. Well here is how it effects you: Are you buying a new boat or a used boat with your insurance check? Well if you are buying a used boat how do you know you are not being sold a salvaged boat. The cycle is easily repeated. There is one way to know if the boat you are buying has been salvaged, buy a Boat History Report from Also check out this article with pictures on user error boat wrecks from

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