We’re here to help by offering free access to our service for 3 months.

The recent outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has significantly impacted the boating industry, especially dealers and brokers. We at Boat History Report recognize this and want to do our part to help our colleagues in the industry.

We realize that social distancing measures have kept traffic to dealer locations down, and some locations have closed altogether. However, we also know that buyers are still shopping for boats online and viewing boats through virtual walk-throughs.

Therefore, we are providing our Dealer and Broker service free for 3 months under our COVID-19 Dealer and Broker Assistance Program.  Also, if you are a current subscribing dealer or broker, your billing has been paused as of April 1st. 

I started this business 15 years ago, with a mission to make boat buying more transparent.  Since then, we have amassed over 100 million unique records which allow us to provide the end-user with a credible report that is highly desirable in today’s information-driven economy.  Our business operates similarly to Carfax, and allows consumers to verify the history of the vessel seamlessly during the online shopping process.

Our hope is that by including a Boat History Report with your listings, your customers will feel more confident in the virtual shopping process during a time when they can no longer physically visit your location.

You can sign up for our COVID-19 Dealer and Broker Assistance Program online through this link: https://www.boathistoryreport.com/dealer/.  If you would prefer to speak with me directly, please feel free to call me at 1-800-441-7599, ext. 144, or send an email to ElitePartner@boathistoryreport.com.

As a boater and business owner, I am proud to be a part of an industry that comes together in a time of need.  I hope that this small gesture can help to relieve the financial burden we are all facing during these unprecedented times.  To see a message from our Founder and CEO, Grant Brooks, please see our page on YouTube here: Boat History Report


Grant W. Brooks
Founder / CEO


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