At $49,900, we beg to differ…

The Facebook Marketplace ad advertises this as a “Great running family boat” that is “Like New” and includes a photo of the NADA Guides suggested retail price ($72,605) to make you realize what a “deal” this boat is. However, our savvy customer ran a Boat History Report on the vessel and discovered that this boat was not the great running family boat it’s advertised as.

The Boat History Report showed that the boat was damaged, and even worse, sunk in saltwater just over a year ago (February 2021). That explains the new starters, blowers, bilge pumps, oil, and plugs. The report also indicated that the boat had been sold through a salvage auction later in 2021.

The United States Coast Guard Documentation Data Section as well as the State Data section showing the Texas registration information both indicate that the vessel registration and documentation lapsed after the date of the loss. The new owner presumably picked the vessel up from the salvage auction, cleaned it up, and put it back on the market before registering and titling it in their name.

Unfortunately, the “savings” of $22,000 won’t cover the cost of the new engines that were damaged and partially inoperable shortly after the sinking. And I know I would not trust this boat to get my family home safely after a day on the water. Let’s just hope the next owner has full towing coverage!

The cost of this boat is $49,900. The cost of the report to save the buyer $49,900 was only $40. #BoatsCantTalk #BoatHistoryReport

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