Are you looking for a boat VIN check? Trying to look up a boat by VIN? Maybe you’re trying to lookup a boat by serial number? Or figuring out the year of a boat by VIN?

Boat Hull Identification Number

Let’s start with the basics. What is a boat VIN? In the boating world, a vehicle’s VIN is the equivalent of a boat’s HIN or Hull Identification Number. It’s the unique serial number assigned to a boat, much like a person’s social security number, that identifies that specific boat for purposes of recalls, insurance, finance, law enforcement, registration, and titling, etc… Although VINs and HINs are very different, they are often used interchangeably in the boating industry.

So, back to your questions – how do you look up a boat’s history by the VIN or HIN? You run a report from Boat History Report! As described in the Sun-Sentinel, Boat History Report provides a “Carfax-like history search” for boats to help prospective boat buyers avoid buying a boat with a hidden past. Almost like a BoatFax, or Boat Facts (but without the Fox!).

We’ve recently started posting some of the current listings we come across that are for boats with undisclosed damage. These listings include deceitful selling phrases such as “Clean Title” or “Like-New” or worse, “Family Boat” – all alluring messages that fail to include the truth which is oftentimes “Total Loss” or “Salvage.” Many of these boats we see are purchased out of salvage auction and flipped back to the market within months. The only way to identify this history is to run a report.

A report from Boat History Report doesn’t just include negative event data though. As the ONLY service that works with every state for registration and title data, as well as law enforcement, the USCG, marine surveyors, and insurance companies, our reports include registration and title history, specifications such as year, length, model, propulsion, recall and warranty info, and of course peace of mind. If the information is out there, we’ve compiled it into an easy-to-read report without the fluff.

So how do you do a VIN check lookup? Go to Boat History Report and enter your HIN/VIN. That’s how. #BoatsCantTalk #BoatHistoryReport

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