Are You Smarter than a Hurricane?

With the height of hurricane season upon us, it's imperative that you know what to do to quickly and safely secure your boat. When Jim Cantore starts broadcasting from your city, you don't have time to research "how to..." articles. Your first priority should always be the safety of your family and self. Once you … Continue reading Are You Smarter than a Hurricane?

Carfax for Boats Law

We were featured in another article on the passing of the Carfax for Boats Law due to our participation on helping get it passed.  We've been called the Carfax for boats for years because #BoatsCantTalk #Carfaxforboats #BoatsCantTalk Carfax for boats law lowers chance of buying damaged vessel By Palak Patel / Posted Jun 21, 2019 at 2:20 PM … Continue reading Carfax for Boats Law

Judging a Boat by Its Gelcoat

Picture yourself enjoying a Saturday on the water when suddenly your boat bursts into flames or starts taking on water. Sound terrible? Without knowing the history of a boat before you buy, this nightmare could become a reality quicker than you think. Boats are frequently involved in accidents that cause lasting consequences for owners down … Continue reading Judging a Boat by Its Gelcoat