WASHINGTON -(Dow Jones)- Auto makers, boat makers and power-equipment manufacturers plan to file a lawsuit to overturn the Obama administration’s
approval of higher ethanol levels in gasoline.

The manufacturers say higher levels of ethanol can cause damage to their engines and they are concerned about the liability they’ll assume if that happens.

“We want to be sure that any new fuel will not…harm engines or endanger consumer safety,” said Michael Stanton, president of the Association of International Automobile Manufacturers, in a statement.

The manufacturers plan to file their lawsuit Monday with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Their suit represents the second high-profile challenge to the higher ethanol blend. A group of food and oil industry groups filed a lawsuit over the same issue in November.

For full article click here boathistoryreport.com/news5

Boating news highlight courtesy of Boat History Report.

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