With the iPhone becoming more and more an integral part of life for some people, I thought a list of cheap but useful apps for boating might be in order. All of these are either free or just 99 cents at the time of writing.

Basic GPS: $0.99

Provides simple location data, including latitude, longitude, position, error, course, and MGRS or UTS position. Longitude and Latitude can be viewed in degrees or decimals, distance can be viewed in feet or meters.

Fish: $0.99

North Woods Fish Identification Guide. Illustrated reference guide with all North America’s common freshwater fish. Includes quizzes to help you learn about freshwater fish.

Fish Records: Free

A collection of fishing records from around the world that can be searched by country, alphabetical species, or by group: Coarse fishing, game fishing, boat fishing and shore fishing. Tells you species, weight, angler and where the fish was caught within seconds. Pictures of fish species also included.

Float Plan:$0. 99

Stores the details about your vessel, crew and itinerary and allows you to email them to person of your choice. It is always a good idea to ensure someone knows the details of your trips before you head out. Create new itineraries in seconds-only change the info that has changed since last time.

GPS Mail:$0.99cents

Add exact geographic location to your emails. Location integrates with Google maps or iPhone’s built in maps tool for location tracking. E-mail includes subject, your present latitude, longitude, accuracy and a web address to a map. Simply add your recipients, and add an optional text email if you so choose, then click send. Use to update family or notify emergency services. Also, could be used as a type of e-mail journal system of your travels.

iLocate-boating and iLocate-Fishing Supplies:(2 seperate apps) $0.99 each

Sometimes you need a part right now. Or maybe you need fishing tackle. Now, find a boating store/fishing supply store near you wherever and whenever you need it, and you can choose to have the iPhone call directly. One click info and directions, one touch search, no typing. Search by zip code or by current GPS location.

Pro-Knot:$0. 99 (introductory price as of 8/2)

17 rope knots and 17 fishing knots from the best selling knot reference in the world. Knots are listed and alphabetically searchable by name and category. Choose a quick overview or step by step instructions.

Hitches (rope to object knots) include: Clove hitch, half hitch, mooring hitch, rolling hitch, tautline hitch

Bends (rope to rope knots): double fisherman’s, sheet bend, square knot, water knot

Loop knots include: bowline, bowline on a bight, butterfly knot, figure eight follow through

Fishing knots include: rapala knot, palomar knot, improved clinch knot, offshore swivel knot, uni knot, eye crosser knot, blood knot, double uni knot, nail knot, albright special, surgeon’s knot

Ship Shape Boat Lights: $0.99

Learning and reference tools for recognizing nautical light signals in night and fog conditions. Configured for many vessel types including Yachts & sailing vessels, dinghies, speed boats, fishing boats, trawlers, commercial vessels, pilot vessels, hovercrafts, navy vessels, vessels under tow or being pushed, semi-submerged vessels and more.

TideApp: Free

Get tidal charts and data directly to your iPhone. Displays a list of current tide conditions, as well as daily high and low tides and their times. Also use it to look at future tide information, or past as well.

Wind Alert: Free

Check the wind from anywhere in the world. Information is gathered from over 38,000 weather stations globally. Search by city, state, zip code, latitude and longitude, local beach name or by current GPS location. View detailed graphs from the past 6 hours and next six hours (forecast). Organize your spots as favorites to access quickly next time.

Wind Meter: $0.99

Uses iPhone microphone to measure wind speed. Field tested by Kitelife magazine to be accurate in “relatively consistent wind speeds of 3-28mph”. Also can convert meter reading into knots, kph, ft/sec and m/sec.

Boating news highlight brought to you by Boat History Report.

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