Florida is taking a page out of Bermuda’s cook book and adopting an ”Eat ‘em To Beat ‘Em” approach to solving the lionfish problem — with an environmental group issuing a collection of recipes for preparing the invasive Pacific species.

Bermuda Lionfish Project coordinator Chris Flook has been encouraging Bermuda restaurants to add the fish to their menus – and Bermudians to add it to their diets — since the colourful fish boasting a “mane” of poisonous spines was first spotted in local waters.

“This is a fish you can feel good about eating,” Mr. Flook told the “Bermuda Sun” last year, adding he would like to see local fishermen target the fish commercially. “The only way to make it a self-­running programme without investing a ton of money is to create a commercial fishery. Eat ‘em to beat ‘em….

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