Buyer Beware – Official looking documentation paperwork charging 3x’s the renewal rate

BoatUS and the US Coast Guard want boaters to know that renewing your USCG documentation directly with the National Vessel Documentation Center (NVDC) only costs $26. If you receive a notice in the mail asking for more than that, it’s not your official renewal notice but rather a notice from a third party vendor. The USCG has taken steps to ensure this kind of soliciting stops by removing owners names and addresses from their database, but it could take years before this kind of thing fully comes to an end.

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About Boat History Report

Boat History Report began with a mission to be the leading provider of watercraft history information for buyers and sellers of used boats. With all of the risks involved in buying a used watercraft, Boat History Report aims to make the used watercraft transaction process as safe and hassle free as possible. By accessing our extensive nationwide databases through reports from, buyers and sellers of used boats can be assured that their boat has a clean history.
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