In the normal course of business, we come across all sorts of different types of things including fraud, scams, deliberate deceitfulness, and sometimes it’s just honest ignorance with no intentional wrongdoing. In today’s finding, we’ll present the facts and let you be the judge.

The listing:…/mikelson-61-sportfisher…/

The Facts:

– Prior to 2004, this boat was issued a Delaware state assigned HIN

– In October 2004, the boat was purchased, and then titled and registered in Florida using the Delaware HIN

– In late 2018, the boat was damaged during a hurricane

– In March of 2019, the boat was offered for sale (using the Delaware HIN) as a hurricane damaged boat with structural damage to the bottom

– In April 2019, the boat was purchased by the current owner

– In October 2019, the boat was registered using the Delaware HIN.

– In September 2020, the HIN was changed in the Florida registration and title records

– Shortly after the registration records were changed, the boat was and still is offered for sale without any disclosure of it’s hurricane damaged past

Typically, updating the HIN in the registration records would make it difficult to trace it’s past. However, we have developed a unique system in which we can match up key points of data, thereby permanently linking the HIN associated with the damage to the HIN the boat is currently registered with.

Deliberate or Innocent- tell us what you think! #BoatsCantTalk #BoatHistoryReport #YouBeTheJudge

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