How do I look up a boat VIN number?

Boat VIN Number

If you’re trying to obtain a boat’s VIN, or hull identification number – HIN as they are referred to in the boating industry, you can use Boat History Report ( to run the state registration number or US Coast Guard Documentation number.  If you are unsure of whether a boat is documented, Boat History Report would be happy to assist – simply send a link to the boat listing to and we can look into the vessel details for you. can also help you if the HIN or state registration number you’re researching is incomplete, or if you’re not sure of a letter or number within the HIN.  Again, just send the boat listing and the information you know about the boat to and we can use our proprietary database to run “blanks” or “wildcards” for the missing or confusing characters to help you determine the correct HIN.

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