Is Boat History Report legitimate?

Boat History Report, founded in 2005, is the only legitimate US based company that specializes in the history of used boats and watercraft.  We have partnered locally and nationally with all of the major boat organizations to ensure that not only is our product the best, but to make sure we are doing all we can to make boat buying safer.  Our focus is and always has been ensuring that someone purchasing a boat is able to obtain as much pertinent information as possible to make the most informed decision about their purchase.  Boat History Report has the largest database of boat data in the world with over 120 million unique records and over 1.4 million significant events.  We are also the only company worldwide to work with all 50 states and Canada, the US Coast Guard, the National Insurance Crime Bureau, law enforcement, insurance and finance companies, salvage auctions, marine surveyors, and hundreds of additional sources to ensure your report includes as much information as possible.  No other service has the coverage or scale of Boat History Report.

In other words, Boat History Report is “2 Legit 2 Quit

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