Judging a Boat by Its Gelcoat

Picture yourself enjoying a Saturday on the water when suddenly your boat bursts into flames or starts taking on water. Sound terrible? Without knowing the history of a boat before you buy, this nightmare could become a reality quicker than you think. Boats are frequently involved in accidents that cause lasting consequences for owners down … Continue reading Judging a Boat by Its Gelcoat

The Boat Insurance Mystery, Unraveled!

The Boat Insurance Mystery- Unraveled! For some, boating's a pastime; for others, a way of life.  No matter why you boat, everyone knows one thing- it’s EXPENSIVE!  Being prepared and educated prior to a loss can help save a lot of aggravation as well as your investment.  Many people found this out the hard way … Continue reading The Boat Insurance Mystery, Unraveled!

What Sandy Means to Boaters

Sandy's Aftermath We all know about superstorm Sandy.  We've seen the pictures.  We've heard the stories.  A lot of us have probably felt the effect and are STILL feeling the effects of the devastation.  It will take years and billions of dollars to restore all that was lost in her aftermath, and even then, some … Continue reading What Sandy Means to Boaters

Are You Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’?

The groundhog missed his shadow- SPRING IS ON THE WAY!  Some people see picnics.  Some people see flowers.  And if you’re like me, you see boats and fish and beer and sunblock and any other number of things to do on the water!  But… lets rewind for a minute before we take off cruisin’- is … Continue reading Are You Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’?

So Many Shows, So Little Time…

Boat Show season means new toys, new gadgets, new boats, and new boaters.  It brings millions of dollars to an industry that people fear is fizzling away due to cutbacks and economic crisis.  It energizes people to spend time on the water as a form of therapy and relaxation.  It stresses those same people when … Continue reading So Many Shows, So Little Time…

Miami International Boat Show

Miami International Boat ShowWe are counting down the days until the Miami International Boat Show.  With many company debuts, some of the most lavish yachts on the market, and hundreds of thousands of spectators, this years show is sure to be nothing short of a spectacle!  We look forward to the many innovations, releases, and … Continue reading Miami International Boat Show